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#The45Plus: Why All the Fighting

Why all the Fighting: 5 min Favours are so much more productive
It troubles me that there has been so much fighting over #the45plus movement on Twitter... I have a lot of ideas regarding how to develop and nurture this. Why should you believe me? I hope the amount of research below will convince you.

I have have highlighted this work to politicians at both Westminster and Holyrood. Sharing my work, along with the arguing over the fact that this movement is divisive, and not unifying has left me wondering if they are aware of the opportunity that this presents. Or if they know that their lack of understanding of the roll out process is actually hampering momentum.

The same goes for members of #the45plus I would encourage you to stop and reflect, how is your threats of boycotts etc any different from the actions of those who threatened to leave Scotland? And if effective, who will you be affecting the most? The CEO's who made the statement? Or the hard working Scottish employees who won't or can't relocate to England?

Unity is Hard Work
Today we have the fantastic "Yes" Alliance which highlights what is possible. But this was not always the case. These groups have rallied round a common enemy of Westminster... this has allowed them to put any differences aside to allow them to collaborate.

This process did not take place overnight and had to be worked at. Without the common adversary  of Westminster, would these partnerships have been established, nurtured and developed?

It is 1 week since this #45plus movement Trended for 2 days and made the press, but since this point it has cause a good deal of debate both on Twitter and in parliament. 

Counter Culture - Counter Intuitive
Our MSPs have seen #the45plus as divisive and they were right to think this because they are not involved in Technology sales, so will not know that this is one of the quickest ways to get an idea to roll out.

It creates a bond through "Optimal Distinctiveness" with the members and, at the same time drives up demand for those who can't "get in." Facebook did this by starting with Ivy League unis. I hope that the funnies section of the "Why do you leave" should how we can join things up.

However, when people use different hashtag it becomes quite divisive as people become quite tribal sticking with one or two hashtags

Sound Ideas... Looking for the right Culture
I have tried to achieve exactly what people have done with #the45plus is in Education. I have made people at both Holyrood and Westminster aware of my plans, they have had the information below for quite a while. My plans failed as no one seemed interested. 

#The45Plus: Point Scoring, Party Politics and Revenge
Members of #The45plus please stop and look at how angry and political the hashtag has become, look at how much your boycotting mirrors the behaviour of the treatment that you cried was unfair. Look at how you can still punish these brands but through kindness for others
I realise we are different in many ways.. I am a despicable capitalist who doesn't have a great deal of time for politics.Therefore the only way that I might be able to make a connection is though using examples that you will be familiar with;

1) Being angry is playing into the media's hands. You will look angry and militant in the press, because you are being a little scary and revolutionary on the Twitter stream... and you even got me doing it!
2) What is this Animal Farm? The minute the pigs get power a new kind of anarchy and division begins?
3) Where is the Ghandi or Martin Luther King message of "We'll kill you with kindness?" 

You can still boycott these brands but do it in a way where you say "Let's spend £10 per month in local business: £10 X 1.6million = A LOT. You've already got a fan in the Herald. But while making enemies of other. Make a difference - Yes! But do it by Doing good, and having fun.

Doing Good while Having Fun! - Not a bad strap line

Culture in Education - The Big Clean Up
I had suggested an idea like this in June 2012. I asked people to rally round using the hashtag #TheBigCleanup. The call went unheard. It went unheard because;

1) It was my first ever post, so I had no followers 
2) My comms are poor, they could be a lot better

Culture in Education: A house Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand
(Scroll down and down and down to "History Repeating itself" or "Dream Make Over - The Big Clean Up")

While these ideas were not picked up on and this post is a mini novel it is full of ideas. Ideas that I am working on today. Ideas that work.So I can say with some confidence that the lack of community management is affecting a great opportunity. The reason this opportunity exists is because of a unique culture.The lack of attention to the culture that is damaging it. I can help! But I cannot write blog posts with advice and Tweet at the same time.

Why Should Anyone Follow Me?
There are a lot of good intentions but they they appear to be counter productive in places. Here are some of my experiences.  

What's my Motivation?
What is my interest with this personally? Articles like this one truly break my heart; Lost in the Ghetto

Now compare that with the hope of these two links

I have a standing offer for anyone that I can assist: "How can I help" I think I can help #The45plus

I use whatever skills I have to help educators. I like innovators and change agents and a lot of those types of people are found in technology, I can't teach and can't code so I liaise between these two groups... 

Well I did until I realised the system was broken and made the development of great EdTech problematic. I have realised for some time that it is not EdTech products that are broken, but the relationships between Edu/EdTech. I have written about this extensively
I do not expect anyone to read through all these links, my reason for highlighting them all is to say, I can help with #the45plus community, but I need your help.

I cannot be on the #45plus hashtag and translate these education based community ideas into ways to help the #45plus community. If I had got my #45plus it's a mindset post out one day earlier, the community may not have splintered onto different hashtages the way it did.

If you would like to sign up to helps see what we can do with this forum by creating the right culture please do so by either joining this Google+ #The45Plus Forum or follow some of #the45plus friends that I have made this week; 

I have not asked them if they would mind helping out with this, but I know that they want to see this success and am sure they will support me. 

Please follow any advice they may give you regarding any matters around the CULTURE of this community. You can STILL argue, criticise and debate about all the things you care about... but this advice will allow you to do it where there is unity and a sense of purpose, so you part the discussion agreeing to disagree, having learnt someone else's perspective... and made a new connection that you may be able to collaborate with in the future.

If you don't believe me about the value of fighting for a network like this, maybe you'll listen to the most connected person in the world. Find the Hidden Value in your Network

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