Sunday, 28 September 2014

SuperSalmond Episode 1: A New Hope... Opportunities

The world was watching Scotland, during the Intergalactic Independence Referendum Battle between the British Empire and #YesAlliance. Boys and girls, I know that Mum and Dad might have been EVEN MORE boring than normal with all the YADDA YADDA politics, but politics is important it's politics and the government that shape so much of your life.

Let me give you one example that I think you would like. It is the Government that would decide if you get to play video games at school or not. Would you like to play Minecraft at School? What? Yes I know! Gaming can make a better world... but some governments seem to be a bit old and stuffy that they either don't know about this (Or maybe they don't want you to know).

The problem is that the Government has not spoken to you in a fun way. I would like to change that. During this referendum Scotland got a lot of new friends who got in touch with us... Including Superman.

Superman told Alex Salmond how he had beat some baddies in real life: How Superman Defeated the Klu Klux Klan. Superman asked the #YesAlliance

"What would happen if we took a goodie from real life to and made him into a cartoon superhero?"

Other Governments might think "That sounds great! I'd get a kick out of having super powers and being in a comic. The #YesAlliance don't think like this. We don't want lots of people to put lots of time to develop this only for people not to read it. So we want your help.. .Will you help us? Here's how:

What's up Willie: Is someone flipping a politician the bird? Is it a plain politician?
Need help from #SuperSalmond and his #YesAlliance!
Say "Yes" For #SuperSalmond & The #YesAlliance
SuperSalmond and his friends at the #YesAllinace are thinking of 4 missions that they need your help with;

1) Teaching you about politics, the government and how our decisions affect you through some fun comic stories, and

2) Bringing celebrities and cool people you know into your classrooms, people like The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory,  Dara Obrien, The Doctor, Newround and Blue Peter

3) Letting us know if you, your friends and your teachers would be interested in appearing in the comic any time you are a good Digital Citizen and help your parents, teachers or the #YesAlliance?

4) If you would like to help come up with some stories and drawings for the comic?

Does this sound like a good idea? Do you have any other ideas apart from this? Will you help us boys and girls?

What to do if you said "YES!"
Tell your mum, dad and teachers to get onto their Social Media accouts and Tweet out to      

And tell them you think this is a great idea, and that you would buy a comic with #SuperSalmond in it? We already have 2 superheroes already signed up

 - Uni Science lecturer who already works with Marvel and DC to make Science Cool and 

 just a normal Granny but has the spirit of SuperGran and is ready to take on Scunner Cameron... or was it Scunner Campbell? Was so long ago, I forget.

For Teachers
The way things are: I deal with educators and morale is low as educators have been affected by budget cuts, a lack of trust and criticism. How can you inspire kids if this is how you are treated, and how you feel? The UK governments initaitive of Every Child Matters was wrong, it should have been Every Teacher Matters.

So many government initiatives in education die because;

1) They are not developed with educators, and

2) If someone does not buy into a strategy they can easily kill a good idea with poor implementation. Just doing enough Vs going above and beyond to figure a way through the challenges.

The Way Things Could be (Like Next Week): Our Teachers and students know that they are valued and supported. (See Rock Star Educators)

1) They can connect with groups, people and brands that young people like who get involved in the class via social media.
2) Certain newspapers have a Celeb Columns Titled: The teacher who inspired me. and comics that feature students and teachers who go above and beyond.

Holding out for a Hero...Waiting for Superman
The documentary "Waiting for Superman" which looks at the US state education system. The reason for the title is because master educator asked his mum when he was a child "When will Superman get here?" when his mum asked "why?" he answered "Because only he can fix all these problems." He might be right...

I was given THE BEST definition of the role that Technology plays in education: Technology that saves educators on the admin tasks so they can be in the class for longer and technology that allows kids to learn outside of the class. If these Super Heros above join the #YesAlliance, how can they fail.

And then there's the issue that these guys will help make learning as addictive as drugs, this could achieve this. But we'll leave that for another episode

One Idea... One Scotland... Three Opportunities: That's StartUp Politics
Teachers & Students: New & Engaging Teaching Partnerships, More Support, Trust and Respect
Young People: Increased interest and popularity about packaging Politics for young people,
Scotish Business: New Partnerships, Ideas and Increased revenue

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