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#The45Plus: Welcome to Scotland

#The45plus hashtag seems to lurch from having a massively optimistic collaborative spirit to becoming politically militant... There are a variety of reasons that I can give for this but the main point for the purposes of this post is to highlight that my posts have joined this positive/negative trend. I have written Tweets and blogged in a tone that has been fun and optimistic, others that are very angry.

This post is the result of reviewing and changing the tone of one of these angry posts along with a few DM's with one of my new (and very creative) #The45Plus friends, Brave Many. This is just a story. A story to detail why I feel that Politics has met Start Ups: Start Up Politics. Just a bit of fun... Or is it? YOU decide.

There are two miracles that have happened on the streets of Glasgow in the last 3-4 months which have been amazing, and which could change Scotland for the #BetterTogether... but in a way that would take people no more than 5 minutes at a time. So two quick questions.

1) Which do you prefer? The streets and atmosphere being as vibrant as the Commonwealth Games & The days before the referendum (Without the Yes Vs No fighting!)

2) If I said we can have more of that, and it would only take you between 5mins -2 hours once in a while what would you say? Yes?

Did you say "Yes?" Ok, in that case we're going on an adventure... But you've got to promise me, If you said "Yes" now, you've got to follow through at the end.

Scotland - Tweet Land that's Rasing a Digital Nation 
OK, First some homework.Here's a story about a magic land that was lost a long, long time ago. Btw this will require a little imagination... you'll need to replace any reference to Education/EdTech with Scotland (Couldn't be bothered changing it. Tough Live with it!);

Now I'm going to tell you some stories about Glasgow's recent history... What was, what is... and what COULD be. At the end, the story gets interactive. YOU take over, YOU take responsibility and YOU choose which ending you want.

August 2014 - Small Commonwealth Act. Big Glasgow Impact
There's a man I'd like to meet, he got everyone walking on our streets.
He's a worker for the council, maybe has been twenty years (But has now been laid off).
And he probably takes no lip off nobody cause "we Scot's" we're witty... we're no bitter. I haven't got a clue if he packs his lunch in a sunblest bag, and couldn't give a stuff.

But I wonder if he ever thinks to mutter... I shouldnae have to put up with this crap! Oh and by the way... I should get a MASSIVE WAGE RAISE!

What did this guy do to deserve a huge wage rise? He put some stickers on the pavement and some signs up. But these were not pointless party political slogans that don't do anything. These were stickers that got people off their arses to get out and meet people, to connect with strangers...and to walk for miles!

By having walking and cycling routes instead of car signs at the Commonwealth Games, this created the "Social Norm" that people walk everywhere. This reduced traffic and had the streets buzzing with people. This created a great atmosphere, did it do anything else? Did it also influence the economic impact of the games? 

The income projections exceeded expectations... was this all because in some stuffy boring old Commonwealth meeting after 3 hours of arguing, this guy's sandwiches were getting all foosty in his sunblest bag? Or maybe he was worried that one of the fanny's he worked with would pinch his Irn Brew, so he said;

"Aw FFS, Let's put stickers on the pavement to get people walking.End of meeting! I'm starvin'! I need to rescue ma lunch fae that fanny. Whit are we discussing after lunch? Eh? I didnae say whit are having FOR lunch I said whit are we discussing AFTER lunch?! Tunnocks? At the openin' cermony? Are you kiddin'... I despair you're all a waste a space. "

This guy made Glasgow Miles Better for 2 weeks.

An Unequal City
I loved the buzz and excitement from the games. My connections during the games were educators and very few are Scottish, but I wanted to write a post that would appeal to this audience, so wrote about inequalities and who creates them.

No matter what you do or what kind of Government you have there are always going to be inequalities. My ideology regarding this will differ from yours, so we won't discuss that. But maybe we can discuss this more often.

Who Creates the Culture: Some Commonwealth Class Observations

As you can see from the post, I was intrigued with the hierarchy of the city that sprang up overnight, some people had access all areas and others were more restricted than usual, and those who obviously felt left out. I don't think I'll ever forget the young lad in this post who could have been inspired for the rest of his life if someone with the power had spotted him. If only someone like Brother Colm was there for him.

Whose Brother Colm? Ask Glasgow City Council to get their big screen back up and we can find out and be inspired together... Bring back that Commonwealth feeling.

Sept 2014 - Small Act. Big Impact: Entrepreneurial Politics
During the referendum Alex Salmond brought this diversity back. Like most people I had not thought much about the election. Then everyone started talking about it. Salmond became the Steve Jobs for politics... he didn't focus on policy, manifestos, 5 year strategies he told us what politics could do for us: Give us a more just society.

The first time I saw the atmosphere and diversity of George Square I became an advocate... definitely not of a political party, but with the person who created this culture. I have looked at culture in organisations extensively and whoever created the "Yes" brand with these results is operating at the very top of the game. Very few leaders operate at this level - visionary, selfless, collaborative.

Alex Salmond: Selling Politics
Need more evidence? They made politics popular! Steve Jobs sold great products, that's easier to do! This guy sold us politics? But before selling it to us, he made sure he fixed this a service "The People" had lost faith in because of other political "suppliers" who had let us down. This was Politics with Product Market Fit:

Product Market Fit: Being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market

Would you like to know Alex Salmond's secret? He's not behaving like a politician. He's behaving like an entrepreneur. And I can prove it. Read this report and see if you can spot the similarities. If you're struggling, get in touch I'll tell you:

Super Salmond
Technology in Education: Developing Relationships and Delivering Value

I'm a political cynic, so tend to need a bit of convincing.Then I saw it! Then I believed! I believed so much that I became a bit of a zealot. I felt that the conditions were ideal to replicate Scilicon Valley's success and to "Unslum" our inner cities (More on this to follow)... and don't start moaning about a lost opportunity because "Boo Hoo" we lost an election... We didn't, and the opportunity is still here. In fact it's a better opportunity.

Anyway, Alex Salmond thinking and behaving like Steve Jobs had got me excited. It's the kind of culture that I've always wanted to work in. Alex Salmond, Steve Jobs... Really? See for yourself

1) Steve Jobs: Managing People
2) Jim Collins: Level 5 Leadership
3) Dave Logan: Tribal Leadership

This is why other politicians are at a loss on both sides of the border with the phenomenon that is "Super Salmond," while they're playing petty politics... he's getting shit done! That's you're only hope now guys. Get creative. Get entrepreneurial... If you don't it will be Salmond for PM, or better yet... Maybe his sales ability will see him sell England to France and we'll have plenty Bitcoins to last us centuries from the sale.

Sept 2014 - Small Digital Citizen Act. Big National Impact
Now just like the fight with Dr Ock in Spiderman 2, the many and far reaching arms of Westminster had defeated our Defender of Hope... he needed some help.

The Citizens he had connected with, built a relationship with and was defending, didn't disappoint! What did they do? Ordinary people did an extraordinary thing. A wee group of fellow Scots started a wee chat. Normal Scots. A diverse group. What did this wee group of Scots do... Google #The45 or #The45Plus or check the news.

But make no mistake my fellow citizens, this Tweet hashtag nation is the sum of many complex parts coming together. It seemed to "just work," But it's a very complex piece of machinery. The moral of the story? Don't let an ordinary politician anywhere near Start Up Politics... They don't know what they are doing!

They are also afraid of it because they don't understand it, politician I could talk to you about it but I'm not sure you'd "Get it" you're the Woolworth's of politics. so we may need to leave the old guard at this point of the story... because now it gets interactive! Very interactive! There are 4 choices, one for Laggards, Conservatives, Early Majority and Early Adopters

Danger Keep Out: Path Unsafe... Super Heroes Only!
Super Salmond: I've got super powers. Cameron: You're an idiot
For people who say "Oh I like the Union, for the sake of it... because that's the way things should be"
"I like people making the decisions for me... so I can moan that life sucks because of others"
"The vote was rigged bring back yesterday"

Super Salmond: We're going to leave you hear for a while. We know this may be unsettling but the status quo isn't working, we know that you'll join us when you're friends recommend it. You stay here and rest we won't forget you. Cameron and myself have a different vision for Scotland, but we'll get there.

Look at Northern Ireland and South Africa, they had some far bigger issues differences of opinion but have come together. We'll be back once we've cut a trail and the path is more certain.

Late Majority
For people who say 
For all the change that politicians implement how much of it works? I've been in this sector for umpteen years and new governments come in, wreck all the good work and momentum that was starting to take hold.

Super Salmond: We understand how you feel, in the past we've thought that we had all the answers because we paid for expensive consultants and did what they said.

Start Up politics is about collaborating and co-creating, testing ideas all the time but only rolling out when we have the clear benefits.

We've been waiting for the technology to catch up with us. We now have the potential to reach the whole country with our route #45Plus map... we just need to figure out the  logistics of this Tweet new land.

Question: #45Plus map? Do you not mean #45?

Super Salmond: The #45 is in memory of the founders who gave us the map, it also reminds us that we're here to protect underdog's not just the wealthy and privileged. The "Plus" is because we know that we're better together with other countries. They can help us and we can help them.

Early Majority
For people who say 
I like what I hear but I'd like to see some evidence first

Super Salmond: Tell me about it! I've no idea if this will work either, so we're going to keep it small and look for evidence before taking any decisions. We'll be in touch. Right we're all packed and we've made sure took the brimful of Asha... Got the map...Time to hit #The45Plus then.
There's something everyone should know about Entrepreneurial & Start Up politics... Leaders follow through, which must scare the old guard something rotton! As must knowing that these politicians can talk to anyone in the community and/or can cater to all groups needs.

partofthe45avatarThe Early Adopters
For the people who want change and want it NOW! Alex Salmond is a wily Politician who runs rings round Westminster every time, and he's done it again!.

Super Salmond: I said I'd put Scotland in Scotland's hands, I didn't say Holyroods! Who makes Glasgow? Who made the Commonwealth Games? That's right! People! The Commonwealth Games was a trail run. I'm putting Scotland on the people's hands. If you want it! Now it's over to you...

Indyref2 The Digital Vote
And today the people of Scotland have an opportunity at to vote as a digital citizen of "Scotland online" You can #VoteYes or #VoteNo in Scotlands digi-indyref for what happens in this brave new world.

The laggards can kill it because they don't want change, the late majority can moan that it won't work, the early majority can keep an eye on it... Or you can leave the innovators to test the multitude of "What If..." possibilities. 9 out of 10 will fail. But that 1 out of ten could boost tourism, provide jobs, increase heath care, education, increase business and/or reduce costs.

Now get on that hashtag and say:

I #VoteYes to have Scotland's future in my hands and I'm willing to get my sleeves rolled up with some small 5 minute favours from time to time. 

What will come of it all? No one knows... we experiment with lots of different ideas until we find one that works and then scale and roll out. Here check this out;

That's what we're capable of...If there's enough of us, if the group and chat is chaotically diverse enough, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that we can change the world. We're innovative, talkative and noisy... And boy do we have ideas!

It is the Start Up Politics Culture of #The45Plus that will make a difference... not party politics.

Notes for the old guard:
What! Are you saying that #The45Plus could be a collaborative nonpartizan "cause-based" space where "The People" come together to collaborate and co-create solutions to make a difference... It'll never happen! Yeah crazy, right! That's exactly why HMV and all the record companies are thriving today and why Apple is struggling so much!

But my #The45Plus friends, just as it wasn't the "Old guard" within the music industry that made a difference... Maybe political activists isn't where it's at either. Maybe it's some insignificant rabble rouser with a group that doesn't have "The Baggage" of how politics "Should be done" because a bunch of out of touch elite "Old Boys" say "That's not how one does things here... "The People" don't decide! We do! At the Oxford/Cambridge Club... How very un-british." Are political activists open to considering how politics could be done?

Open your eyes people! Look at what politicians have achived sine 1997 compare this with Apple and other Tech companies. If you don't maybe the parties of Scotland in the future is SNP, #YesAlliance and the trail bliazers the people of #The45plus Party (And it WOULD be a party!)

Which group would you have said has made the biggest difference? Which organisation has the best culture? What's the secret to this culture? Collaboration... But not the politicians definition of the word, but Scilicon Valley's definition. This is worth a read! Collaborate Vs Collaborate

For Scotland! 
There is one similarity that binds us all no matter whether you were a #VoteYes or #Voteno citizen; Regardless of if you were a politician who debated passionately that @YesScotland was a better than Better Together for this nation. You all claim to have the best interest of Scotland at heart. Well...

Politicians, You may not be engaging with me but I get the impression you're listening... So the same message to you... Go collaborate and #BeTheChange you want to see.

#BetterTogether... Or Time for Divorce?
Collaborate for the country you've been fighting over for the last 2 years. The arguing at the moment is like a divorce... and the kids (ie The people of Scotland), have to endure this while Mum and Dad scream at each other.

So shame on all of you MPs for fighting like this in front of the kids! Especially when they are playing so nicely! If you insist on fighting then go take it outside! Go have a barny at the UN or Switzerland with an impartial Marriage Country Counsellor (300 year late... but better late than never!) and come back to #The45Plus party's play room when you're done.

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