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SuperSalmond Episode 2: The #YesAlliance Strikes Back

In Episode 1 of our exciting new #SuperSalmond series we reached out to our younger audience to see what young Digital Citizens thought of our comic idea. In today's installment we want to engage with Scifi fans and have put together this story.

The YesAlliance Strikes Back... To be A Nation Again? 
Maybe's Aye, Maybes Naw... But we'll have a laugh as we find out

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons,living or dead, is purely coincidental.

There has been an ongoing battle for some years now where the weak and vulnerable have tried to monitor, raise awareness of and, on occasion, battle the skulduggery of Scunner Cameron and the Minsters of the West.

This has been a tough battle as Scunner Cameron had A LOT of VERY POWERFUL friends.

They all went to the same school and cover for each matter what.

We don't know much about these schools or what they teach. There are rumours that it's a school from another universe and they have a a portal to an oppressed planet. Supergran and others get some help with the formation of the #YesAlliance

#YesAlliance have a running battle with Scunner Cameron and the Minsters of the West cronies for centuries... there is ground won and lost on both sides... both suffer casualties.

We join the scene in the run up to the big battle.

Two Alliances are formed one with rebels who all want the same thing and work well together: The #YesAlliance.

The other is a rag tag of self centered individuals who are worried about their trade agreements and their jobs the #WTF-Are-You-Having-A-Laugh-Alliance

The Empire and the uneasy alliance: Strange Bedfellows
As the scene is set fir the final battle both camps prepare their troops.Some of the pre-battle plans are erm... well...erm, just plain silly! But Oh Man! What fun: Darth Labour Guy.

Despite a valiant battle #YesAlliance is defeated... largely due to the many and far reaching tentacles of the #WTFAlliance... But the #YesAlliance is OK with this, they have foreseen an alternative path #The45Plus flight path to a new trade routes and destination to Independence.
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#WTFAlliance tactics work... But, as a muppet who is famous for telling bad jokes forewarns and foresees, that the price may be a heavy one. Scaring people to say "No, Thanks" and the promise of new trade federation routes has consequences and even the people who supported people with some alien ideas about vows and fair play. 

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

...And let me tell you something people, no matter which Galaxy we're talking about...suffering really hacks people off! Even the people who loved #WTFAlliance enough to believe the "Vows" when they were exchanged are suffering as much as anyone because of their lies.

Friends of #WTFAlliance who were thinking of leaving we told "Say, No thanks to this #YesAlliance, and I promise I'll change... I'll get help. We'll open a shared bank account"

Within a 24 hour period the love affair seemed to be over... It was as if the these guys were taking marital advice from a Sith Lord... or their fiends at Hologram Central as their was wooing, vows, marriage and divorce within 24 hours. I'm NOT KIDDING, check the similarities...
Union Romance: All in a days work -wooing, vows, marriage & divorce all at once

"C'mon Padme, you know it makes sense...
Stick with me babe, it'll be OK. We're Better Together" 


#WTFAlliance: Look what you made me do, I had to break my vows and she just wouldn't shut up about it!

#YesAlliance: You did this to yourself... we're not even here to fight you, we just want to restore balance to your force.

REMEMBER ME? BAWBAG! I said I'd be back! If Superman Defeated the Klu Klux Klan, Let's see what I can do with you. Hoy Darling! Do you see NOW why I wanted to know if you thought Scotland was more susceptible to  an alien invasion.

How you doin' Dave? Long Meeting? Need a Rest?
How will it all end? We haven't got a clue! But for lots of laughs join us at #The45Plus 

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