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#GE2019... Some Predictions

This post details how and why no one should be surprised if there is a big Labour revival on Thursday... as well as how, where and why the SNP went wrong.

I detail why their 'Progress Scotland' and 'Citizens Assembly' won't work with regard to #IndyRef2.

Everything contained in this blog has been said before (See all the politics - with some relevant Edu & #DigCit posts too - at the end of this post), going all the way back to 9th Sept 2014! With the same insights!

What if you don't have a voice? Work Alone... Because having accurate insights and not being heard is painful! SO MANY lost opportunities!!

"No One Saw It Coming" Alex Salmond after #GE2017... Really? Are you sure Alex?

"A party with such large numbers of supporters two years ago and only 65 people supporting Salmond's Crowdfunder... WOW austerity must REALLY be kicking in!" Me 10th June 2017

GE2017 & The SNP - How the Mighty Fall)

7th May 2015
On election night Henry McLeish came closest to nailing what was going on re: the 'I'm voting SNP' movement. But listening to all the post match guff like 

'It will take the Labour Party in Scotland 10 years to recover'

"I was thinking "No it wouldn't!" It could be turned around by 2016... if they did things differently to the political classes usual methods, employing community management methods and "creating new patterns of engagement" Labouring on with #Team56? How to Rebuild Trust When It Is Broken
Whether the polls for a #GE2019 SNP record results are right... or, as I feel could be the case, it's a disappointing night for The SNP as a 'miraculous' Labour revival that will see some 'No One Saw it Coming' comments on the night... One thing is beyond obvious today:

The Rock Star Status of SNP politicians from 2014/5 have gone!!

With the Tories doing such a bad job and given all the SNP posters in the windows before #GE2015... Where is the SNP buzz today?

Replaced with a failing NHS record and poor education results via Pisa and retail stores replaced with camp sites for the many, many homeless people in their doorways? Erm... #NoThanks!

'It's the Tories fault' The standard SNP excuse... That's wearing a bit thin now so #NoThanks to the party that says that too... Lead! Or disband the pointless Holyrood, one way to save money!

Follow Corbyns example and give the over priced building - and wages - to the homeless!! <- Btw that's some statement from an #IndyRef supporter 4 years ago!!

YOYOW (You Own Your Own Words)... But We All Get It Wrong Sometimes!
"Judge me on my education record" Is what Nicola Sturgeon said in 2015

OK! I went from being an advocate to detractor within 12 months.

9th Sept 2014 Getting Political... About Education
9th Sept 2015 Labouring on with #Team56? How to Rebuild Trust When Trust is Broken

Might take you up on that offer.

However the point of this post is NOT to put the boot in and criticise someone for either the things they said a few years ago... or to highlight their failings?

As I highlight in my Using Core Values to Find a Brand's Voice post in 2015 to give me some 'wiggle room' help out but with an escape route! Lol

(The then Education Secretary asked me to pitch in and help out with a project and, based on previous experiences, knowing how politicians like to wreck promising ideas) I wrote the post above and included: 

"I even have empathy for politicians (believe it or not). We saw how keen Barak Obama wanted health care reform, but he faced some serious challenges with opposition parties and the industries lobby groups"

How much empathy do I have? LOADS!

When I was supportive of Alex Salmond I wrote some cringeworthy posts (Including 5 'SuperSalmond' posts), which I both regret writing and no longer agree with!!!! Especially with the current court case!!! 

"I don't believe that the SNP and/or an independent Scotland would have the same record with education or class division and elitism" Me Sept 2014 Getting Political... About Education

I most definitely do NOT hold this same view today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Indeed I think a very good argument could be made today that The SNP was built on one mans ego with little thought about succession planning. So I 100% agree with this statement form Edward Snowden's book 

When I went back and reread the posts, I cringed. Half the things I'd said I hadn't even meant at the time - I'd just wanted attention - but I didn't fancy my odds of explaining that to a gray-haired man in horned rimmed glasses peering over a giant folder labeled PERMANENT RECORD. The other half, the things i thing I had meant at the time, were even worse , because I wasn't that kid anymore. I'd grown up. It wasn't simply that I didn't recognise the voice as my own - it was that I now actively opposed its over-heated hormonal opinions. I found that I wanted to argue with a ghost. I wanted to fight with that dumb, puerile, and casually cruel self of mine who no longer existed. I couldn't stand the idea of being haunted by him forever, but I didn't know the best way to express my remorse and put some distance between him and me, or whether I should even try to do that. It was heinous to be so inextricably, technologically bound to a past that I fully regretted but barely remembered.

I also feel for the candidates who had to drop out of #GE2019 because of the stupid things they said a few years ago.

GE2019 Predictions
This Twitter thread put together on the 29th Oct appears to be shaping up, even Sophy Ridge is saying that Labour loyalty and old voting habits could be a factor.

Some #generalelection2019predictions for when people say 'No one saw it coming'
1) TheSNP- 2015 people thought participatory politics was on the way after their 'New Power' 2014 IndyRef campaign + 17 years in power ScotParl + Salmond case = Lost Trust
2) LibDems - VinceCable bailing the banks out + selling their soul for power in 2010 = Will be as popular as Thatcher in Scotland in GE2019

3) @Conservatives - Erm well @David_Cameron @Theresa_May @BorisJohnson  + Aspirational Families becoming JAMs + 'Big Society' becoming rise of nazis and division + Austerity and generally a decade of mess = Doubt it will be a majority for them

4) @brexitparty_uk = Sorry @Nigel_Farage EU election was - like #Brexit - the chance to 'give the Tories a kick' as Cameron put it. It was a 'protest vote (when it didn't matter), you'll be as popular as @UKIP (AKA No/few seats) at GE2019

5) UKLabour = If you decide to listen to the polls... It will be a 'Shock Win.' As people quietly return to old voting habits after the failed TheSNP experiment of 2014/5. The 'Network Effects' & 'Feedback Loops' from 5 years ago have gone (Cue Cybernats and their abuse?)
Has Bannon had his day in the sun?

Major caveat here being...Will the Bannon/Cummings/@michaelgove/@Nigel_Farage & @BorisJohnson brigade manage to mobilize the 'Deplorables' AKA the Far Right vote more than Corbyn mobilizes @PeoplesMomentum and new voters like young people? ...But don't think they will.

GE2019... Where it all went wrong for the SNP?
We see with things like 'Progress Scotland,' their 'Scottish National Supported Freedom Rally,' (After the pioneers #AUOB did a lot of the heavy lifting AKA flattened the path... and lowered the barrier)

And the 'People's Assembly,' that they are trying to get the momentum back

But they won't work because the goodwill and trust of 'The Little People' (Beyond the cultists) has gone.

Post Vote #NoThanks #NewPower Storm
As I've said MANY times on this blog, the 70+ @YesScotland accounts should have led when they were on holiday on the weekend after the 19th Sept 2014 vote... Turning the #NewPower storm and trouble from the #NoThanks celebrations into a real asset for them.

They didn't!

So the potential 'Love in Action' post vote #IndyRef movement became the nasty #Cybernats, which Nicola Sturgeon "Is not responsible for... Thank God," as she stated at the Fringe.

She's not doing much to curb their social media posts but BOY! Is she doing all she can to get them to vote for the people with the Yellow Shiny colour of badge... Imagine if the political classes had the same level of enthusiasm for cleaning up 'The Wild West of the Internet,' which is 'All the Tech Companies fault and they can no longer turn a blind eye'

As with my #GE2015 I Blame the Politicans for Online Abuse post... this is from the person that runs our country and our education policy? Go figure!

If your waiting for Digital Citizenship Leadership from this group... You may find you're waiting a while!!

Participatory Politics
The second reason The SNP have slid down Jim Collins 5 Stages of Decline is because the #IndyRef campaign promised participatory politics... But never delivered!

We saw this most acutely on the weekend after the #GE2015 result.

The last remnants of #The45/The45Plus went from 'The People' to 'It's all about us' with #Team56 and twitter bio pics going from constituents campaigning with activists to SNP MPs under the Forth Rail Bridge.

The hope (Over Fear) of a 'Fair and Just Society' was the promise of #IndyRef well they left the room when

1) £100,000 Alex Salmond Crowdfunders and
2) Expense bills of £8,000 for shoes while people sit in empty retail units with no shoes?

Where's the difference between these actions and those of the 'Cruel, Uncaring Tories?' I can't see it!

Compare this with a 'What if' scenario of...

On the day of the 'Fine Speech' that was Alex Salmond's 'One Scotland' on 20th Sept 2014 where he said...

"Inspired by the self organised 'Love in Action' of our members and fans leaving food for food banks in George/Freedom Square...We're creating a crowdfunder for good causes and we are either

1) Asking our members to contribute £1-10 Or
2) We're donating £1 of our 100,000 members fees to this fund"

The culture might have been set in a different way.

Just like with Progress Scotland and Citizens Assembly, Salmond's #ForFairness crowd fund WAS the thing to do... just at the wrong time and for the wrong reason.

Look for the Bright Spots...
There are two SNP MSPs who have demonstrated that participatory politics and working with 'The Little People' can and does deliver solutions that are mutually beneficial win-win ones.

Whether connected educators or politicians, I think that those that use Twitter either as a one way broadcast and/or to further their own career based on the ideas and goodwill of others... They won't be 'Winning' in the long run.

GE2019 may well be a cautionary tale that demonstrates this... With the difference in results from 2014/5 -2017/19 for the SNP. Less that 56? Less than 35? Less than 1997's 6? Discuss...

If MP/MSPs want to win in GE2024 they might want to hit 'Reply' to constituents (And detractors) on social media from time to time... that's what got my vote in GE2017. Am I right @GedK. But that won't work in 2019 either.

Not sure what will win my vote in GE2019... Possibly... (Probably!) 'None of the Above'

Monday, 2 December 2019

An EdTech Stories Legend...

This post contains the legend to over 200 articles that are included in the #SeaTurtlePirates hashtag, which was set up as knowledge transfer for educators and the @BeMorePirate community in February.

As well as 16 short Twitter stories in 5-20 Tweet threads.

Sales to #Cmgr
In 2010 I realised that my current skill set of traditional sales and marketing were becoming less and less effective or welcome in the education/EdTech space.

Since then I have been reskilling to include the more in-demand skills of content marketing, inbound marketing, social selling and community management.

Since finding out about the #Cmgr community (Community Management) in 2014 thanks to a quick Tweet from @TameraRV during BETT, I've done my best to follow the CMAD business objective of

"Our business objective, if you will, in hosting these 24 hours of panels is to reach as many people as possible to educate them on the community industry"

In Scotland and within my education network. 

#Cmgr Support
I have done this in a number of ways including 

1) Supporting educators with EdChats (#UKFEChat, #StartUpEduChat/#EdTechBridge) and projects that were important to them (#SaveEdShelf, #DigCitSummit, #Get2ISTE, the CMAD inspired #CEduAD).

2) Research and data curation

3) Attempts at knowledge transfer

Ideas that are 100% sound but not ready yet require explanation, but the first time it's suggested the posts are too long and/or the idea is too abstract... only for it to be beyond obvious a few years later that it doesn't need any explanation.

This has happened with most projects. In November 2015 I suggested a #BlackFriday for education... 4 years and three attempts on the idea got traction on Friday and I've no doubt it will take off in 2020.

Last June I suggested an EdTech incubator with a strong #Cmgr provision... and feel this idea is also closer to getting traction.

The third point above has also proved to be tricky... Educators are time poor and there's no easy way to either

1) Convince people that what you have to say has value or to
2) Encourage them to read 100+ articles

My first attempt at this was with curating this Community Manager Resources Community Manager Resources

My second attempt was in February when we created the #SeaTurtlePirates hashtag.

The hope here was to share a little about our experiences with building edu movements, and share resources we found useful in a way that adults and children (Whether teachers and students or parents and children can learn about building movements together... Especially quiet people who don't have a voice).

It was no easy feat to try to make the thread make sense whether scrolling up or down and attempting to make the links relevant to adults and kids, but the feedback has been positive.

The third attempt was via this thread which consists of 16 stories/threads that are made up of 5-20 Tweets.

This latest attempt has been to look for the 'bright spots' and, in this case has come from the unlikely source, the unholy Bannon/Trump alliance... They have demonstrated how you can get ideas to 'stick' on social media.Thank you Steve!

Articles relating to the early online community The Well like Howard Rhiengold's Virtual Communities, Marc Smiths 'Voices from The Well' and the Epic Saga of The Well feature regularly in the hashtags and stories below... as does 'How Superman Defeated the KKK'

These articles, along with story telling, the ability to edit and community building hold the key to the last two goals that we are exploring...

1) Seeing a return to The Well's mantra of YOYOW (With a #YOYOWJOI twist) and
2) Answering Tim Berners-Lees call to fight #ForTheWeb

Can't see the bickering 'lying' political classes doing either any time soon... can you?

#SeaTurtlePirates Hashtag
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(Will Follow Soon)

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