Thursday, 3 December 2015

How I Met DigCit Chat

I am a huge fan of EdChats but I don't attend many of them, the reason for this is because I know my strengths and feel that I can add value in different ways.

I would like to represent a post that I wrote after another instance where I was extremely supportive of the Government with the VoteYes agenda, but where I got frustrated at how a fantastic opportunity was squandered.

I wonder if the organisers who were supportive of the idea at the time feel this might be a little bit easier to implement today... Or, more accurately in January.

Can you imagine a group of people from all different sectors collaborating to shut all the Trolls down?

Many Twitter accounts make light work because we are: #BetterTogether to #BeTheDigitalChange

#DigCit Vs Trolls: I'm A Student Friendly Social Media Educator

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