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#SeaTurtlePirates... The End of An Excellent Adventure!

This post is taking #RoughDiamond author Nicole Yerson's (@NicoleYershon's) advice and get your story out before anyone else does... So I'm going to tell you what a brave group of young Pirates are going to do before they do it!

Tell Tall Tales... Tell Blackbeard Pirate Tales!

Between now and the Skypeathon a merry band of Misfit-Spy-Guy-Pirate-Zombies (Spoilers Sweetie. Spoilers. Lol) are going to go on an excellent adventure and man! Are they gonna have fun while getting stuff done!

The Story So Far...
A 7 year old kid from Glasgow (Agent Piggy) breaking a little rule and skipping school in 2017 to connected with Andrea Tolley (@TolleyA) in Tennessee at Westquarter Primary School (@ElliePrimary1).

In June 2019 they presented their work at ISTE (@ISTE) and how they helped #EdTech50 entrepreneur David Goutcher (@GoutcherD) on a #DigCit Mission and his goal to encourage reluctant readers to explore the world of books... This wasn't just a awesome @SpyQuest Mission

It was such a compelling story that it helped other schools to get connected too ;)

In July 2018 Agent Piggy was sent a brief for his first solo @SpyQuest Mission - A #SkypeMS Mission with the objective being to make sure a Classroom Skype call happened at his school.

This took place in Sept 2019... Even if it had to be improvised, with the help of his Power of Nine Crew.

...What Happened Next

This act of breaking a small rule inspired others - teachers, students, parents to take Nicole Yershon's advice from #RoughDiamond to 'Find a Way, Make a Way,' 

Even if this was to make Skype calls at home, in the playground, the car park or at a McDonald's or coffee shop because of connectivity/Skype-is-blocked-in-our-school-issues

By November 2019 a number of Spy Guy briefings & Pirate meetings take place with #RoughDiamond Digital Leaders (Kind of like a rebellion... a sexy Star Wars rebellion).

Under the guidance of some awesome Pirates, Agents and educators (Currently still working undercover on some covert training: Released when declassified).

This led to at least one School in each of the 32 Scottish Local Authorities taking part in the 2019 #Skypeathon and connecting with educators from some of the 137 school districts in Tennessee (Or was it with classes in all 50 of the States... It all happened such a long time ago that I forget which it was)

The educators who connected with each other from across the pond saw the 'Shallow Engagement' of that first @ClassroomSkype call led to 'Deep Engagement' in the same way some of the Scottish Educators who took part in the 2016 Skypeathon did like

1) Meeting up IRL at the #DigCitSummitIRL event
2) Authouring the DigCitKidz book and
3) Organising global events like #CEduAD.

A Sting in the Tale: Tears & A Journey
By the end of the voyage - as this is a Pirate crew - some horrible words were said on the voyage... some were due to mis-communication and/or mis-understandings during stressful times.So when people said anything like:

"I hate that freaking turtle" 

Whether to that persons face... or by being a real ass and saying mean thing about someone in private behind their back, or taking to social media and saying it publicly... the crew took these actions the same way we do with Donald Trump's 'Locker Room talk' or Boris' 'Letterboxes,' and just let it slide.

In fact, some thick skinned members of the crew even saw them as terms of endearment, to help take the sting out of the tale... it helped prevent tears during and after the journey.

Because we know from the work of Well Beings like Stewart Brand, Howard Rheingold and Marc Smith:

Words on a Screen Hurt.

Black Spot? No problem... Jump on board!
Fake words, flattery, fake friends or worse... Black heart? Erm... No thanks!

This @BeMorePirate crew wanted a @QuietRev, so modeled The Well's 'Love in Action' as and when they could.

For example, the crew modeled 'Love in Action' before setting sail by trying to build bridges and mending fences with crew mates from previous voyages.

In the 'First Pirate Council Meeting' they also Pirated @Marc_Smith's AWESOME! #OCTTribe comment.
#NewPower Avengers Assemble!
Now as this is a rowdy rabble of Pirates the language could be salty at times and there were plenty of fights!

Salty Language!
So as well as a Be More Pirate 2.0 Code, we also have a Spy Guy Pirate Code. Here's one of them.

When people said things like:

"I hate that freaking Turtle" it could actually be Misfit Spy Guy Pirate Zombie code for

"I love you man!"
"You are AWESOME!"
"Great Idea"

"You are an ass!" Might translate as "You have a great work ethic and you help me in lots of ways"

"You are the wrong kind of person!" was taken to be one of the biggest compliments ever!

As it means that you solve complex problems that others couldn't quickly and easily... A bit like these guys: The Creative Power of Misfits (#RoughDiamond #NewPower Avengers Assemble!)

Or it could be taken as a polite way of saying, you're kind of bugging me at the moment.Wanna go find something else to do for a while... Before I maroon you or throw you overboard.

Treasure & Credit
Like the first Apple Mac, every member of the crew was credited for their efforts... and every single member of the crew also found a little treasure, a #RoughDiamond the size of the Hope Diamond (None of them cursed!) right under their noses... and, just like Santiago, one crew member even found his Bliss. It's amazing what a little alchemy can do!

We followed Black Beard's lead as he had fire works in his beard when in battle:

Be a Fire Starter... Not a Lime Lighter

Black Bart Rules... and The JOI Compass
Young Pirates were always welcome and they were asked to check out episode 1 season 1 of Horrible Histories to see the kind of tight ship that Pirates like Black Bart ran.

In the 'Second Council Meeting' the crew 'Manifesto Jammed' the Ships articles, which included in the mix

Biz Stones 'New Rules' and
Be More Pirate's 2.0 Pirate Code 

And we used the #YOYOWJOI Compass when communicating (Especially when in storms and/or battle).

It was an excellent adventure!

And this was only one of the things these guys got up to on their travels, you should see the others!
If you'll #YOYOWJOI... Then Jump on Board!

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