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DigCitSummitUK Closing Remarks #YOYOW - Three Years Later

In March 2015 I was fortunate enough to have a Skype call with @Stanbridge, who saw the value in my ideas before I did... It made all the difference!

Myself and my kids are now 'Paying it Forward' by taking what we've learnt and sharing with others - in a number of ways - including this post regarding our experiences with Digital Citizenship and the lessons learnt.

In the same month I connected with James Stanbridge, I wrote about educators needing to 'Swarm' to help model good Digital Citizenship.

By November 2015 I would be collaborating with the #DigCit Twitter chat moderators over the course of the next 2 years, even meeting two of them from across the pond F2F/IRL.

During this collaboration I shared my thoughts about how we needed to make a return to the early online community, The Well, and their mantra of #YOYOW; You Own Your Own Words.

This post is an update on the advice and suggestions from 2015 after one of those awesome walks with my youngest son about what's happened in my world of work over the last 2 years.

The Story So Far... Previous Voyages
13th March 2015
#DigCit Vs Trolls: I'm A Student Friendly Social Media Educator
(NB In Apr 2018 this "Why Good People Turn Bad Online" post & New Power suggests similar advice to this post)

7th December 2015 
Ships Log and Pirate Articles
NB From Dec 1914 to the present day IMHO this remains relevant
Shackleton's leadership style was formed when working under people like Scott and vowing not to treat men they way he and his crew mates were treated. What he hated most about these jobs were pettiness, irresponsible bosses, insufferable working conditions and a lack of trust and respect among crew members. In the early expeditions which he led he learned that leadership that was rigid, remote, undemocratic, and uncertain didn't work. On the Endurance he focused on the one thing that that gave the best chance at reaching their goals: Unity"

27th Novembder 2015 
Connected Educator Appreciation Day
NB In Oct 2018 The #CMAD organiser would help an awesome crew of educators bring the '#CMAD for Edu' #CEduAD idea to life See How Trust Grew an Idea into a Global Event

30th November 2015 
Mad Learning with a Connected Educator
NB At ISTE 2019 the we would see our work presented in a similar way thanks to @TolleyA's #MIEBoom 'Skype Master Student' presentation

3rd November 2017
DigCitSummit SpyQuest Mission – Help Recruit Ellie the Elephant
NB We would model New Power by highlighting that, like Oreo's Superbowl 'You can Still Dunk in the Dark' campaign... That some of the hustle behind the scenes gets left out of the story DigCitSummit @SpyQuest Mission - Part II

The Heart of The Well 30 years Ago? Or IndyRef a few years Ago?
After re-reading Howard Rheingold's 'Virtual Communities' again in December, which is from almost 30 years ago AKA before Facebook and Twitter... Before Bannon, Trump, Farage and Brexit:

Words on a screen can hurt people

Although online conversation might have the ephemeral and informal feeling of a telephone conversation, it has the reach and permanence of a publication. 

And details how the community dealt with the suicide of one of the members... The arguments being a far cry from the 'Love in Action' from earlier. Take a read Heart of The Well... sound familiar? 

Like #IndyRef perhaps? From unity and leaving food in George Square for those in need... To #AUOB

25th December 2018
I heard about and read Marc Smith's 'Voices from the Well' for the first time in Mid-December (And read it 3 or 4 times in as many days)

I watched Marc's #OCTribe Presnetation on Christmas day... And Man! How I laughed at just how predictable (Inevitable even!) Some of my experiences have been.

I've been reflecting - in writing, re-reading, thinking and talking about everything learnt over the last few years ... and included a conversation with a young Pirate Stowaway I know  

Yesterday... All My Troubles were far away
Just like a walk with this young lad this time last year contributed to the idea - which was formed with the influence of a number of sources - SkypeMS initiative.

...It was another awesome walk, with more awesome ideas discussed and more awesome PD (From an 8 year old!)

#YOYOW... Or Do You? They Get Mis-Appropriated & Meme'd
So, 30 years ago words on a screen hurt... Just as they do today!

HOWEVER! This was before the politicians threatened to ban people who say mean things on social media from running for public office... and before those same politicians lied to the same extent that they do today.

We have the #OnlineHarms document that Sajid Javid launched while 
  • There are all kind of rumours about Bannon speaking to people like Boris and Gove. 
  • Dominic Cummings doesn't appear before a Parliamentary Select Committee when asked now in No 10 
  • Priti Patel 'distancing herself' from her own words from a few years ago regarding capital punishment
  • Vince cable saying in 2008 that banks were 'Too Big to Fail' only to say a few years later... 'should have let them fail' (You bailed them out but failed us mate!)
  • Liz Truss and her 'We've all been affected by austerity' yesterday but could not say how it had affected her... Give me a shout if you wanna hear our story Ms Truss.
  • Aaron Banks DOES attend the Parliamentary Select Committee, but says it's not his job to tell the facts but to agitate... And this agitating #FakeNews gets to influence UK politics by bank rolling Farage and his UKIP/Brexit Party 'Right Honourable MEPs'? 
Many can't keep up with the news cycle but is this all simply a case of 'smoke and mirrors?'

Boris says that 'No Deal Brexit is not the preferred option and is avoidable' on the same day that Gove says that 'No Deal is unavoidable now' (Bannon is on a Far Right Mission to Radicalise Europe)

Political Leaders appear to give controversial soundbites in one setting, only to take the comment - whether in or out of context - to their base at rallies to get people fired up. So in addition to 

Words on a Screen STILL Hurt

30 years after Virtual Communities was written, today 

Words on a Screen also get misappropriated, meme'd & misinterpreted

Sometimes this is intentional by 'Bad Actors' with their own words - like the Bannon/Trump and their Alt Right buddies

(Check out the #CovingtonBoys thread I curated after I jumped in on the anti-Trump MAGA message when the story broke. The tweet that started the story coming from an educators account, but which had some strange activity).

Sometimes messages being mis-appropirated is also intentional, but it is sharing private messages publicly when former friends and colleagues fall out - just like with #IndyRef 'All Under One Banner' organisers and/or during the Reddit Revolt when their popular #Cmgr got fired.

These are a couple of the stories that make the news... but will happen every day on a local level when fall outs occur and friends take sides.

Sometimes it's others taking your words and turning them into a Meme... Sometimes this is good natured and fun, sometimes it's filled with hate and has consequences that lead to discrimination and loss of life. 

So in 2019 it's no longer a case of 

Words on a Screen Hurt
Words on a Screen are now leading people to hate & kill 

If it is not educators who are going to lead on both the Citizenship and Digital Citizenship lessons, if and when people see conversations like this happen. Who will?
Like Shackleton's lesson in the importance of Unity, we can learn from other brave Antarctic explorers... At how humour can help diffuse some tense life and death situations. We need more Zombie Loyalists. 

"Adolf Lindstrøm was basically the most important person on Roald Amundsen's successful expedition to reach the South Pole... He played an essential role in keeping the peace in the group when there were tense moments" What Roald Amundsen’s polar exploration ‘comedian’ can teach us about a mission to Mars
You're uncaring attitude is BULL SHIT!! Or...
Anthony the Turtle is Mushy
Who will teach these valuable comedy lessons? Our current political leaders who seem to have a preference for another, better known and more evil Adolf? Erm... While some of the clowns in politics are without a doubt a joke (as are their words!)... I can't see them utilizing the right kind of comedy any time soon, can you?! 

When mis-understandings happen online it could be not unlike the hilarious bad lip reading sketches but with less fun results... as 90% of our IRL/F2F communications are non-verbal.

Mis-understandings will happen when something is lost in translation from human-to-screen-to-human
(Or worse when the bots get involved, which Trump Retweets?!)

Especially if that all important punctuation mark ;) and/or emoji is missing
(or in my case clumsy fingers, touch screens and predictive texting! I do miss the real buttons of Blackberry phones)

Both these articles are worth a read...
Then compare with The Heart of The Well

I don't think it's just colonizing Mars that comedians will play a vital role with... I think they will also be needed online to help tame the 'Wild West of the Internet,' which is the reason I took the examples from New Power and mashed them up with Toy Story characters for:

I know the script... Movie will be coming to a classroom near you soon!
(You can Bank on me finding a Head to help with this particular Mission)

On March 2015 I wrote this post Online Abuse... I Blame the Politicians, the sentiment remains the same. 

They can write all the #OnlineHarms reports they like but, as long as they have conversations with the far right and refuse to lead by toning down their own hate speech... They are part of the problem, not the solution.

Perhaps we need a #DigCit rebellion? A sexy rebellion? A #DigCit Star Wars Rebellion... on a ship called Digi Endurance perhaps? (Shackleton Family motto: By Endurance We Conquer)

Maybe there will be a EdTech Story about a #DigCit Star Wars Rebellion... along with some '#NewPower Avengers Assemble' Super Hero adventures written at some point.

If there will be it will be one in faraway scene (A long, long time ago by in a galaxy far far away), with people sipping down coffee and reading Ayn Rand... And it will be written with Dignity.

In the mean time any agents of #DigCit may find they are called upon for some important missions soon... #DigCit & #Cmgr Wizards Unite! 


Whether in politics and a trending topic like #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism for all to see (As is the case as I hit 'Publish' on this post???!!!) 

To go along with any comments you may have published about Trump Super Fan Cesar Sayoc last July and the New Zealand Mosque shooting.

While a REAL Leader, New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, will not say that person's  name... others call The Patron Saint of the Far Right?!

Or, if it's a disagreement in private, whether while playing a game on an Xbox or a closed forum with a group of friends who have fallen out in a private conversation... What you gonna do?

Throw fuel on the fire? 
Help diffuse the situation with humour, and/or
Be the bridge? Be the person that connects!

I hope that my kids will go for the last two options. Because I want them to #BeThatKindofKid! Because I know we are #Bettertogether!

Let's learn from the toxic and negative Digital Citizenship lessons as well as the positive ones. Whether White Supremacists or groups like ISIS & Scottish School Girl Asqa Mahmood/Shamina Begum... Let's make sure our kids don't lose their Citizenship, like Begum did.

"Courtnie talks about her identity as a super users like this: 'Reddit is my community center, it's my YMCA'"
via New Power (Crowd Leaders Assemble!).

We now know that the Alt Right made Reddit their playground.. and a dangerous place for some of our young people. So there's a bit of catching up to do. 

We need to help people find a sense of belonging and create spaces that people would die for... Not ignore people to such an extent that it makes them hate and want go out and kill.

"In 2003, Mark Leary and colleagues published meta-analysis of school shootings in the US since 1995. They called it, 'Teasing, Rejection, and Violence.' They found that 87% of incidents had as a major contributory factor acute or chronic social rejection. In that period, 40 children had been shot dead in their school corridors and classrooms.

'They are past wanting to be liked or readmitted into society, they may even want to be immortalised for their actions, even their death. By doing what they're doing they're going to get noticed. They'll be invisible no more'" Dexter Dias, The Ostracist Chapter in Ten Types of Human

Solutions? Could be as simple as
Throw someone in the park a frisbee?
A hug (Real or Virtual)?
Some bad lip reading humour?

I'm not kidding either... Check the 3 links above to see how simple it could be to make a difference to someone's life. I'm lucky enough to have had a few people make a big difference in our lives. TY!

“I do not forget any good deed done to me & I do not carry a grudge for a bad one.” Viktor Frankl

Walking Dead 'I Hate that Freaking Turtle' - The Actual Script
What the hell you do that for? 
I was having fun. No, you were being a jackass. 
...Killing them is not supposed to be fun. 
What do you want from me, girl, huh? 
I want to you stop acting like you don't give a crap about anything. Like nothing we went through matters. Like none of the people we lost meant anything to you. It's bullshit! 
- Is that what you think? - That's what I know. 
You don't know nothing. 
I know you look at me and you just see another dead girl. I'm not Michonne. I'm not Carol. I'm not Maggie. I've survived and you don't get it 'cause I'm not like you or them. But I made it and you don't get to treat me like crap just because you're afraid. 
I ain't afraid of nothing. 
I remember. 
When that little girl came out of the barn after my mom. You were like me. And now God forbid you ever let anybody get too close. 
Too close, huh? You know all about that. You lost two boyfriends, you can't even shed a tear. 
Screw you. You don't get it. 
No, you don't get it! - Everyone we know is dead! - You don't know that! Might as well be, 'cause you ain't never gonna see 'em again. You ain't never gonna see Maggie again. 
Just stop. 
The Governor rolled right up to our gates. 
Maybe if I wouldn't have stopped looking. Maybe 'cause I gave up. That's on me. Maybe-- maybe I could have done something.

Walking Dead - The Misappropriated Bad Lip Reading Script
Look what happens when a comedian enters this particular scene?
The bullshit becomes Mushy... and the hatred turns into a fun Meme 
(Even if the words were never said, it's heavily edited and/or the story no longer makes any sense)

I hate that freakin’ turtle
His name’s Anthony!
Well, I might just do an evil drive-by on Anthony!
You keep away from my turtle, got it?
Ugh, he’s MUSHY!
Oh yeah?
You get no birthday!
There’s a party and you can’t come, how’s that?
They’re gonna have flaming cars, and trailer folks
and shrimp-dogs and pizza!
Oh, no, no, no, oh dang it!
You don’t even get to touch the blind kid!
No, I need to come!

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