Friday, 6 November 2015

Fun with School Librarians: Geek Chic Style?

This posts asks if any School Librarians can help educate me on the latest library style, as it would appear that I'm a little out of touch with what's in vogue with School LRC fashion.

Feel like giving me a lesson in Library geek chic? Intrigued? Read on if you're in the mood for some Friday fun... 

I read a post by Simon Sinek earlier today called "These are the Three Most Valuable Leadership Traits" which highlighted that

"When your body is flooded with cortisol, or the chemical that produces anxiety, "you biologically restrict empathy and trust" 

Given the stress that policy makers can cause educators, teachers must have nerves of steel and be pretty unflappable. But for any educators who are feeling a little stressed, as I'm currently exploring 

1) Some maps and data to see how many Scottish educators are on Twitter

2) The impact and dynamics of "Network Effects" and "Feedback Loops" in online communities, and 

3) If elements of #IndyRef can be replicated in education, which I believe is possible

I thought I would see if it might be possible to combine all these ideas together by building on a bit of fun that took place earlier today with some school librarians.

And who knows maybe it will reduce educators cortisol levels so much that librarians with have more empathy and trust towards a poor tech sales guys like myself and will invite me to present this big tech innovation to them. Lol.
My Book... It's gonna be Big! I'd be Totally Lost without Mine!!
Connected Fun
Through being connected to a few educators I saw that Eric Sheninger (@E_Sheninger) was looking for 

"Funny, inspirational, short videos related to change, technology, leadership, motivation, life lessons, learning"

I chipped in with this video: Crossing the Chasm inConsumer Markets: A visual Example," and was added to the notifications for other videos that were submitted.

James Mccartney added a video that he uses to facilitate conversations around formative assessments and I thought it was hilarious.
Mr D giving advice on Formative Assessments
What was less funny was me thinking back on my school days and wondering "Is this how my teachers treated my assignments?"

"This person Shona, I don't like her... She drives me nuts, so what I do is I fail her on the exam but I just give her enough to pass the course, that way I won't have to teach her again"  Mr D

I checked Mr D's Twitter stream and saw this cool picture;

This got a bit of chat going with a few of the Scottish School Librarians, as well as the Teacher Library Chat (#TLChat) and Read 4 Fun (#Read4Fun) moderators. Preston Lodge High School Library (@PLHSLibrary) Tweeted out these shoes.

It was then suggested that I should get out more if I didn't realise that librarians had such style. I agreed that I don't get out much and part of the reason for this is because I've been busy playing super heroes with my kids... and that my favourite character was the Librarian action figure.

By the way, the reason this is my favourite action figure is because I love the "Shhhh action" because I  know about the Power of Introverts
One of my favourite Ted Talks
So that's were we're at, I've had a little bit of a laugh with some extremely stylish school librarians.

Read4Fun? Join the Fun?
So do we leave the chatter at a few amusing Tweets between a couple of school librarians? 
Or should people continue to have a fun about library geek chic with others showing their style? 
Shall we see if we can have a laugh to help reduce the cortosol and stress levels amongst school librarians?

It's Friday night, so I know most librarians will be curled up at home with a good book, or reading through the school library catalog... I'm kidding! Lol. (and besides, look at the time this post was published -10pm local time  - on a Friday night).

Why not jump in on the chat?

Why not give me a lesson on what the latest school librarian style is?
Got any book shelf pattern outfits or comical shoes like the ones above?
Or, if you're like me and have no fashionable clothes or style tips, how about some interior design style?
Post some pictures of your library?

And if/when you get fed up of taking fashion you can start to discuss this book exchange idea
Or if you want to exchange books that you love then check out #Read4Fun every Sunday, here's my Goodreads bookshelf

Regarding a hashtag to use for this library fashion fun? Scottish School librarians could use use #DigiLearnScot #ScotEdChat #TLChat #Read4Fun or maybe combine them all #DigiLearnScotEdChatTLChatRear4Fun. Lol.

And if you'd like to join in the fun but are not too sure about Twitter and micro-blogging, check out the topic for New Teachers to Twitter (#NT2T) chat is this week (Saturday 7th Nov at 2-3pm GMT)

1) Open a Twitter acct 2) Type in #NT2T 3) Chat & Connect 
Hope that some Scottish School Librarians connect and have a bit of fun to de-stress over the weekend... And beyond. 

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