Wednesday, 26 June 2019

#SeaTurtlePirates... The Story So Far

Earlier in the year I saw a post that highlighted that both myself and a colleague were not able to keep up with the breakneck speed of creating a global movement that we'd spent a considerable amount of time developing.

So a few weeks before the first @BeMorePirate meet up, I wondered if we could create a new movement while sharing our experiences of playing at pirates... Which I think we've successfully done.

I am a huge fan of knowledge transfer and am massively collaborative too.

To give just one example, anyone that takes the time to read all the resources in my Community Management Resources Declara collection you'll know as much as I do on the topic.

Despite the quality of this content or the importance of this role to organisations I'm aware of how busy people are.

"Even if you try to give good ideas away, people are still so busy with their day jobs, that it just doesn't happen" Nicole Yershon via #RoughDiamond

I am all too aware that:

1) We have an attention span of 8 seconds
(Which is why visual data is so important... Love them Zeemaps & NodeXL maps!)

2) Jason Fried is onto something when he highlights that the future belongs to the best editors.

So I started posting some of my favorite resources on the #SeaTurtlePirates hashtag to see if it would encourage people to check out the amazing resources. Why Sea Turtle Pirates?

  • Turtles because of Yertle the Turtle, as one of the things I hope we achieve is to give quiet people a voice.
  • We changed this to Sea Turtles when we met a real life Pirate as David Scott at @BeYonderLtd is a bona fide Pirate through his work with the Sea Shepherds
  • And Pirates because we're hoping to share everything we've learnt with Sam's @BeMorePirate community.  
The first Tweet includes the Walking Dead's Bad Lip Reading to remind us that social media is still relatively new and that 90% of our communication is non-verbal, so things can get lost in translation when it's text only. 

I wanted each Tweet to be knowledge transfer in it's own right, the content to be compelling enough for people to click on the link and read the article/watch the video

...I also hoped that any gifs/pictures would be relevant to the article and, at the same time, appeal to young people in the hope that kids could learn along side the grown ups (Whether parents or educators)

Have I been successful with these aims? 

The feedback that I've had from people who have checked out the tweets have been that it all reads well... whether reading from the first tweet and scrolling up; or the last tweet and scrolling down.

I think some of the content works better than others and, just like our earlier attempts at story telling as a business skill, this is a first attempt... So we'll improve with practice. If... 
  • Story telling will be the #1 business skill
  • The future belongs to the best editors, and
  • Professional rule breaking will be in demand
Why not try your hand a publishing your favourite disruptor/rebellious article with content that is relevant and might appeal to adults and students in a tweet and include the #SeaTurtlePirates hashtag

We've just wrapped up a story that started in 2015 and knew the end before it started
(AKA That Twitter and Skype are key tools that help people to connect in meaningful ways).

Things that we hope this pirate adventure achieves with any crew(s) we might collaborate with includes
  • If a 7 year old can break a little rule to help people connect and it lead to a new movement, why can’t you?
  • Raise awareness of community management as a career option with educators and students
  • Organize events including #NewPower & @BeMorePirate book clubs and Twitter/Skype events
  • #Cmgr knowledge transfer and empowering educators to become ‘Crowd Leaders’
  • Looking to help a little Turtles like Mack to let quiet people know that they can have a voice... and that they can make a difference.
  • Implementing ideas from the early online community The Well and following the advice of people like Stewart Brand (The Man who Changed the World Twice), Howard Rhiengold (VirtualCommunities) and Marc Smith (Voices from The Well), among others.
  • Assisting with Tim Berners Lee’s call to action with #ForTheWeb

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