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Edcamp UK - Getting Organised

"Scottish Educators need to collaborate more" closing keynote at the Scottish Learning Festival 2015, and
"The Scottish Government is always keen to engage with individuals who can help us to build policy... I hope you can find time to contribute to those Digital Learning Community discussions as I am sure you will have a valuable contribution to make" Letter from the Scottish Government in 2015

Has kept me busy over the last few years! On the 22nd September we are hoping to bring a range of people that we've collaborated with and are connected with through a UK Edcamp...but also connecting with people elsewhere via Skype.

This post includes some of the pre and post event ideas that have been discussed, and some suggestions for anyone with an interest in getting involved to "Find something to do and pitch in" if they wanted.

Overall AimOne of the aims of this event is to share stories about why those who are connected are using tools like Twitter and Skype and to engage and encourage other educators to get connected and make that all important first Classroom Skype call.

If you are and/or know  any one at the sectors below who would be interested in Skyping into some schools, please feel free to let us know or pass our details onto them.

If you are a school that would like to arrange to have any of these groups speak to your students... give us a shout. Equally if you are interest in helping to organise the event let us know, here's some of the teams that we're looking to organise:

Edcamp Organising Teams
Scottish/UK Event Team
Virtual #CEduAD Team
People to organise CEduAD panel discussions
Sponsorship Team

Pre Event Ideas

Microsoft Execs & Tech/EdTech staff
W/C 13th Aug: We've had a number of Microsoft executives and tech/EdTech staff express an interest in discussing their world of work and we thought this would be a fantastic way to kick of our pre event activities... as well as the start of the new academic year.

These calls could include discussions about the interview process, any career advice, projects that they are working on and 'A day in the life of'-type conversation.

Speaking from experience when my 17 year old son spoke to Skype's Ross Smith, students interested in a career in tech may well be bouncing off the walls with excitement after the call.

Business & Entrepreneurship
W/C 20th Aug: With all things #GoDo startup and Entrepreneurial Scotland being in vogue we thought some startup founders might be interested in getting involved and organisations like Entrepreneurial Scotland, Entrepreneurial Exchange, Saltire Foundation, Start Up grind etc calling in to discuss their work and life at a Startup.

We're sure that many of these groups will visit schools regularly but Skyping in could 

1) Help students develop in demand skills like communicating effectively online, and
2) Reduce the cost of travel and increase their reach if schools were comfortable with organising Skype calls

Careers and Management
W/C 27th Aug: Any organisation involved with progression and next steps - My World of Work, Skills Development Scotland, FE College & university community outreach or admissions departments interested in speaking to their target market via Skype as well as at career events.

MP/MSPs (Government, Politics & Civics)
After 2nd Sept Parliament returns on the 2nd September and any MP/MSPs who are looking to "Develop the Youth Workforce" or "Empower Educators" could do like a number of US politicians have done and discuss their work with young people.

Scottish Learning Festival
19th Sept The Scottish Learning Festival is on and one of the reasons we have chosen this date is so that anyone travelling from the Highlands and Islands could attend more easily than during any other time
Skype Edcamp
22nd Sept We will run a physical Edcamp where we hope to have Tim McDonald share his experiences of community building and have Connected Educators from around the world share their experiences.

The "So you want to organise an Edcamp" session at EdChange Global highlighted some of the challenges that can come from organising an Edcamp and we're delighted that some of these people are interested in getting involved: Skype Edcamp Padlet.

There is so much support that we are also looking at establishing a "Connected Educator Appreciation Day," which will be 12 or 24 one hour sessions on various topics for educators to share their stories so that people from all time zones can get involved.

Post Event Ideas
Edcafe where students & educator discuss their Skype experience
1st Oct After the event both students and educators could organise an Edcafe to share their experiences of the Edcamp and the benefits of being connected.

To make sure that the professional development is not left at the venue, we could look to encourage people to get involved with some of the Skype based activities that are available on MEC and the people and ways that classes can connect.

Connect with a #SkypeMT (Master Teacher)
W/C 8th Oct 

Connect with a Virtual Tour
W/C 15th Oct

Connect with an Author
W/C 22nd Oct

Mystery Skype
W/C 29th Oct

Pre Skypeathon video
A video of all the activities from mid August to the End of October could be produced in time for the Skypeathon.

6th Nov At the Skypeathon in November we can assess if any of these efforts and activities have had any impact in helping educators and classes to get connected.

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