Friday, 14 December 2012

Social Media in Further Education - Risk Report

As a result of the research undertaken for the Twitter in Further Education Report, I was approached by CrowdControlHQ to see if I'd like to contribute to their existing Social Media Risk Report and tailor it with examples from Education. This report details some of the risks that educators can (and have) faced with social media and includes some case studies of how to avoid the dangers.  

We can no longer evade social media. Whether colleges are engaging with it or not, conversations about the college is taking place online. But Social Media poses internal and external risks, and could impact on a college’s ability to attract new students. 

CrowdControlHQ have worked with industry experts to research some of the risks and considerations of social media... and present some of the available solutions to manage them. This report can be found on the following link; Social Media in FE - Risk Report

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