Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My ASUGSVSummit 2016... Meets MyCmgr

This post details my ASUGSVSummit experience this year which was a little bit different from previous years. As an early user of Declara and fan of the event, I was asked to assist with some community management... I thought I would use some advice from the summit to detail my experiences and hope the call to action might help me make amends for what was a bit of a shaky #cmgr experience. 

Fortunately I found some "just in time" PD from the MyCmgr team as this weeks' #Cmgrhangout was on the topic of super user programs.

Effective Personalised Learning & Idea Transfer
During the ASUGSVSummit Bill Gates highlighted the need to focus on effective personalised learning solutions. I didn't get the greatest amount of value out of my formal education experiences, where things changed for me was when I enrolled in an Open University course.

However, I don't use a great deal of what I learned in my OU program today, but I do gain a lot from listening to educators, entrepreneurs and the #Cmgr community.

One way that I think that some of these learning experiences could be improved is with regard to the transfer of knowledge and ideas, and is an area that I feel that Declara is particularly well suited to deliver. 

Social business practices are still relatively new and, as someone who is making the transition from traditional sales to community management (and who has benefited from others sharing their experiences with me), I'm extremely keen to "pay it forward." My Community Management Resources Declara Collection includes the videos and articles that I have found particularly useful.

Communication, Co-Creation & Collaboration
I realised a while ago that I can struggle to articulate some of my ideas so, to a large extent, I've given up even trying. Instead I just go ahead and implement some of the ideas and run with any that get traction.

In the EdTech report that I researched a few years ago "Developing Relationships and Delivering Value" I explored what companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple do differently and appreciated the value of co-creating and collaborating with educators and users when assessing and implementing new ideas.

Being Responsible During Cringeworthy Implementation
So being an early adopter of Declara and a fan of the ASUGSVSummit and with some community management experience, I was asked if I would assist with onboarding speakers and attendees who would be at the event onto the Declara platform. What a fantastic opportunity and experience, thinks I!

Unfortunately where I am at with regard to my transition from sales to community management meant that I perhaps wasn't quite ready to welcome over 500 people into 200+ forums in the space of a week, and this is something I need to take responsibility for.

The Power of Personal Connections
One of the #Cmgrhangouts that had the biggest impact on me was on Scaling Personal Connections, and was something that Frank Gehry talked about during the ASU GSV Summit.

On Friday after the event I got some "Just in Time" PD as the CmgrHangout topic was on Super User Programs, which re-iterated the importance of developing relationships.

The potential that I can see in Declara is that it could be a game changer with conferences, edchats (and educators PD in general), facilitating more collaboration between educators and suppliers as well as with the transfer of ideas.

My limited experience has lead to a cringeworthy performance and I am hoping that some people from the Declara community, GSV attendees and speakers as well as people in my PLN might be able to help me out and explore the potential of this platform.

I sure hope that General Stanley McChrystal is right and that "Adaptable beats Efficient" and look forward to seeing you on Declara.

For more Tweets and image of the event please see ASUGSVSummit Images

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