Thursday, 17 December 2015

Connected Educators: The Greatest Team in the World

DigCitSummit Co-Founder Marialice Curran is a baseball and ice hockey fan so I'll open this post with just about all I know about both sports regarding where we are at with our plans for #DigCitSummitUK... and where we're going to be.

It's the bottom of ninth in terms of funding and just as a good hockey player plays where the puck is... a great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.

I've spent the last three years working on ideas in EdTech, not on where things are at the moment but where they are going to be.

It is my belief that Edu/EdTech relations could be better in a number of ways, and the level of collaboration between Declara, Schoolology and Buncee staff with #DigCitSummitUK is a great example of this.

Two years of exploring these idea were spent in UK Further Education Colleges where the ideas went absolutely nowhere... No one wanted to know.

Then I achieved more in 4 weeks with US Connected Educators than I did in two years in UK FE and I got an understanding of one of the many wise words of wisdom that David DeWald has provided me with while I've endeavoured to re-skill from sales to Community Management.

I've been criticised by a number of people and groups for making #DigCitSummitUK  a US-centric event, but this is my reason for doing this. In my experience, US Connected Educators use Twitter in a different way to many in the UK. 

People are welcome to disagree with this statement, but I can cite plenty of examples to back this comment up if anyone wishes to discuss this further... Including the fact that I sent the same information to my many UK Education contacts that I did to US Educators in my PLN. 

I wish some of these same people and groups the best of luck... because from what I can see there simply isn't a viable community, so can see their efforts not going very far... but is something that US Connected Educators could greatly assist with (Especially given the story behind this particular event).

If anyone wants to explore the difference I've found between UK FE and US/International experiences please feel free to check out:
Over the last three years there has been plenty of trial and error... and more failed projects that I'd care to mention. But not this time! Not this game!

We're Gonna Shut this one down!
What's different this time? For some reason that I can't quite figure out, people are listening to my crazy ideas and some have invested a great deal of time exploring and developing this one.

I said to Marialice that we could arrange a UK Digital Citizenship Summit in January to assist with Scotland Developing the Youth Workforce while BETT was on in January so delegates and speakers could attend and would give sponsors a presence at two events.

We've done that! We've done that in 4 weeks and with 4 weeks to spare... Thanks to John McAlaney stepping up when others were procrastinating, we have the venue.

The event will be free to attend thanks to the support of Barclays Bank and their Digital Eagles project.
We have 65 educators and industry experts interested in speaking at the event

We've created some noise on social media as a group of volunteer pirates have fitted the planning in around their day jobs... not to mention their Christmas plans and the extra-curricular activity that comes from being a connected Educator like Marialice Curran, Julie Szaj and Craig Kemp and 9 other EdChat moderators hosting their chats.

So while I may have failed with projects in the past, these projects have never taken up so many people's time as this one has.

Failing with this project will mean that a number of concepts will not be proven and opportunities will be lost. So, it might not be tonight... But,

We're Gonna Shut this one down!  

There's another reason that this one is different... Because I'm batting with and for one of the best teams in the world: The Team of Amazing Connected Educators.

Whether educator or supplier, watch this space re: How to get involved.

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